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  • Q What is your guarantee for SPC floor?

    A SPC floors are durable, unbending, and virtually indestructible. They are made to cater high traffic commercial areas, as well as for home use. They are nonflammable and very safe to use. These were subjected to numerous studies and have undergone testing through the years and have eventually come up with the newest, most safe SPC floorings that we have to date. Our guarantee is 25 years for Home use, 10 years for commercial use.
  • Q How can I get your samples?

    A Leave us a message along with your name and email so we can discuss what type of samples would suit your project/home design the best. Our highly trained professionals are willing to cater and share knowledge with our consumers with regard to the best SPC options that they can choose from.

  • Q What is the thickness of SPC floor?

    A SPC’s flooring in general has a multi layer material; its thickness is ranging from 3.2mm to 9mm. Here are the layers of SPC flooring:
    • Wear layer: This transparent layer is responsible for its scratch resistant and easy clean feature.
    • Vinyl layer: This layer provides the decoration; this is where colors and patterns are printed.
    • SPC layer: This layer is the base of the SPC. It is the dense, waterproof and rigid.
    • Attached underlayment: This layer is generally made from IXPE or EVA foam, which provides sound insulation and cushioning.
  • Q What are the benefits of SPC floor?

    • Design
    SPC uses advanced technology in design and printing which gives a crisp and realistic look of wood, stone or other concrete surfaces. It is widely available in numerous design, color and pattern that allow consumers to customize their home efficiently.
    • Waterproof
    Waterproof feature is one of the reasons making SPC the best choice in its class. This is because of its vinyl resin material that makes it resistant to water and molding. Unlike other floors, taking hardwood as an example, which is easily subjected to wear and tear.  Consumers can install this to wet-prone areas like bathroom, laundry room and the kitchen. All in all, it is a perfect choice for environment that is subject to moisture, temperature and environment change.
    • Easy Installation
    In general, SPC are easy to install. Even without professional help, consumers can practically do it their own.
    They generally come in tile or plank form for easy set up, other types of SPC don’t even need messy glue in the installation process because they have built in adhesives for easy installation.
    • Affordability
    SPC are very cost effective. It is significantly less expensive than other luxury floorings. They are market favorite because of its versatility and easy DIY options, hence, helping consumers save more money from professional fees when installing.

  • Q What is SPC floor?

    A Stone Plastic Composite or popularly known as SPC, it is the newest innovation in the flooring market today.  It is made up of natural lime stone powder, poly vinyl chloride and stabilizers that make it incredibly rigid, scratch proof, waterproof, non flammable flooring which is a perfect choice for high traffic areas like bathroom, kitchen and basement. Studies show that SPC floorings do not produce formaldehyde and radioactive substance, making it eco-friendly and suitable for both commercial and home applications.
  • Q Can you offer packing designs as per customers' requests?

    A OEM and ODM are available.
  • Q What is the average production time?

    A 35 days after your deposit.
  • Q Are samples available?

    A Free sample is available.
  • Q Can you provide the floor accessories?

    A one-stop service is available. Skirting, Reducer, T-molding and so on.
  • Q What's your MOQ? How many color I can choose?

    A The MOQ is one 20' container with 3colors from the E- catalog.
  • Q Which click system you can do?

    A Valinge, Unilin and I4F.

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