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As evident from its name, Click LVT comes with a click-lock mechanism to slot the LVT planks together without any adhesive. Imitating high-end flooring to an impeccable standard, Click LVT couples the practical benefits of LVT with ease of click installation.
 Click LVT is built with multiple layers to provide a robust yet luxury flooring look to your interior. With a multi-layer solid vinyl backing, Click LVT is an easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to repair flooring material that can be used to give residential and commercial interiors a sophisticated look.
What is LVT Click Flooring?
Click LVT is a type of Luxury Vinyl Tile that comes with a straightforward locking mechanism that makes it easy to install flooring option.
Click LVT is the latest innovation in flooring that requires an underlay to stick to the subfloor. Instead of glue or adhesive, the locking mechanism holds the Click LVT flooring on to the subfloor thus making it easy to install and/or uninstall.
How Click LVT is made?
Click LVT is manufactured in a layered style where each layer adds to the durability and sustainability of the product. The compact base layer provides LVT with a structure that can help LVT perform. Base layer is topped with glass fibre layer & middle layer that gives LVT its dimensional stability which prevents it from curling. 
Further, a design layer that provides a hyper-realistic imitation of wood, stone and ceramic patterns is added. This layer in turn is topped with a wear layer and a protective coating layer that together serve as a shield to make Click LVT impact resistant.
Why Click LVT Flooring?
  Couples the practical benefits of LVT with ease of click installation
  No adhesive needed – Easy to install in few clicks
  Do-it-Yourself installation
  Strong and Durable – perfect for locations with heavy footfall
​​​​​​​  20dB acoustic rating – Reduces impact sound
​​​​​​​  Waterproof making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms
​​​​​​​  Works with underfloor heating systems to keep feet warm, and homes cosy
​​​​​​​  Easy to clean and maintain
​​​​​​​  Thick, durable layer providing superior wear-protection
​​​​​​​  Easy to maintain and repair
​​​​​​​  Suitable for residential as well as commercial interiors
  ITEM PVC VINYL Click Floor
  SIZE 6"x36" / 6"x48" / 7"x48"
  THICKNESS 4.0MM / 4.5MM / 5.0MM
  WEARLAYER 0.3MM / 0.5MM / 0.7MM
   Slip Resistance     EN13893    Class DS
   Formaldehyde    EN717    E1
   Smoke Generation    ENISO9239-1    Class S1
   Critical Heat Flux    ENISO9239-1    Class B
   Flame Spread    ENISO11925-2    Class B
   Reaction to Fire    EN13501-1    Bf1- S1
   Abrasion Resistance    EN13329    Class 23/43
   Resistance to Stain
   Chemical Resistance
   EN423    Resistant
   Demensional Stability    EN434    X direction:-0.04%/Y direction:-0.02%
   Curling after Exposure to Heat    EN434    ~0.01mm
   Wear Resistance    EN660-2    Group T
   Residual Indentation    EN433    ~0.03mm (LVT click)
   Chair Caster    EN425    Typ W
   Color fastness    ISO105-B02    >=6

Do Click LVT require Glue for installation?

No! Click LVT simply slots together without any adhesive or glue. However, you may need adhesives to install Click LVT on Treads, Risers and Ramps.

What are acceptable underlayment for Click LVT?

Click LVT can be installed on most of the existing subfloors and underlayment:
  Click LVT can confidently be installed on virtually any wood underlayment.
  Concrete subfloors can be also get Click LVT installation but these subfloors must have moisture levels 8 lbs or less before, during and after installation.
Keep in mind that Carpet, laminate, floating floors systems and cushioned vinyl flooring are not good underlayment for Click LVT installation.

Can Radiant heat systems be acceptable underlayment for Click LVT?

Yes, but these radiant heat systems must be approved by the manufacturer for such use. Also, the temperature of the subfloor must also not exceed 29°C.

Is Click LVT cheaper to install that Dry Back LVT?

Click LVT is cheaper and easier to install as it does not require adhesive to glue it down to the subfloor as in the case of Dry Back LVT.

Why use underlay in Click LVT installation?

Underlay provides flooring to the bed and act as a barrier between the Click LVT floor and the subfloor and provides protection against moisture. Also, it helps reduce the noise from 4dB to 16dB. In addition, underlay also makes the floor more comfortable to feet by adding softness to it.

Is it essential to use underlay for Click LVT installation?

If the concrete floor is levelled and clean without any bumps, underlay is not a necessity. However, an underlay is worth considering because of its capability to add softness, warmth and noise reduction to the floor. However, if there are any moisture issues, an underlay must be used to serve as a barrier between the subfloor and Click LVT.

How thick should underlay for Click LVT be?

Avoid using thick underlays beneath Click LVT as it can affect its locking system strength. The thickness of underlay should be equal to or less than 2mm.
Using Underlay for Click LVT Flooring

How to prepare subfloor for Click LVT Installation?

Appropriate preparation of the suitable environment at Click LVT installation location is a pre-requisite to increase the lifespan of your flooring. For this, you must consider the following:
  Moisture level should be below 75% relative humidity (RH).
  Subfloor must be levelled before installation – bumps and dents should be removed to avoid imperfections.
  Subfloor should be dry and clean – absolutely free from oils and other bitumous compounds.
  Acclimatise the installation to 18 °C to 28 °C.

How to install Click LVT?

Fitted as a floating floor, Click LVT is a perfect choice for quick and Do-it-Yourself installations. However, for a professional finish, hiring services of a qualified fitter is strongly recommended. In any case, follow the given steps to install Click LVT:
  Lay LVT underlay with thickness equal to or less than 2mm at the entire installation area.
  Click the length joints of the LVT planks or tiles by placing the long sides together. Lift the tile or plank slightly to engage the lock. Then gradually rotate the plank downward for a tight fit click together.
  Click the end joint of the LVT plank or tile by clicking the shorter side vertically into previously installed. Do not install four corners of LVT together, as it will not give a stable installation.
  Voila! You’re good to go with your new Click LVT floor!
Installing Click LVT
Installation Pattern for Click LVT

How to install Click LVT on Treads, Risers and Ramps?

Use a high quality adhesive to install Click LVT on treads, risers and wheelchair ramps. Also, do not forget to install stair nose moldings to provide protection to the edges of LVT.

How to repair Click LVT planks?

In case of any accidental damage, the affected Click LVT planks can be replaced by following simple steps:
  Use a utility knife to score the top of the affect LVT plank or tile
Carve two triangle cuts near the end joint of the affected plank or tile and then connect the points by carving out a long cut in the middle as shown below.
Score the Tile as Shown
Figure : Score the Tile as Shown
Tape down the plank or tile on scored triangle cut points with the help of an awl or screwdriver.
Lift the plank or tile and uninstall it from the floor.
Keep the new replacement tile or plank facing upward. Trim the short lip side off on the tongue side and carve out a groove on the compression joint side. This will make the replacement tile flush with the edge of the plank/tile. Be careful that the finished surface of the replacement plank or tile is not damaged.
patterm side
Use acrylic double-sided tape to install the replacement tile or plank. Cut several pieces of the tape and slide it under the edges of already installed planks surrounding the area where replacement plank is to be installed. Keep the sticky face of the face upward.
Angle the long groove of the replacement plank or tile, and rotate it down to lock the length tongue joint.
Use your thumb to press the end joint to lock the replacement plank or tile into its place.
Congratulations! You Click LVT floor has successfully been repaired!
Prevent any foot traffic on the newly repaired area for at least 24 hours.

Can Click LVT be uninstalled easily?

Click LVT flooring is less of a permanent flooring commitment as it can be easily uninstalled when desired. Not only this, but the uninstalled planks and tiles can be installed at other locations (provided that they are not damaged, stained, or buckled).

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  • What is your Vinyl Plank Flooring PVC Unilin Click Luxury Viny Floor SPC Flooring PVC Flooring warranty?

    Our Vinyl Plank Flooring PVC Unilin Click Luxury Viny Floor SPC Flooring PVC Flooring is based on 100% virgin pvc material.

    If you use for residential, we recommend 0.3 mm wear layer and the guaranty is 25 years.

    If you use for commercial, we recommend 0.5 mm wear layer and the guaranty is 15 years.

  • How can I know your Vinyl Plank Flooring PVC Unilin Click Luxury Viny Floor SPC Flooring PVC Flooring is consistent with your description?

    Our principle is that Quality is first and free sample is available for your evaluation.

    Before the production, we will also send you the production details sheet for your confirmation.

    During the production, each step is strictly controlled by the QC team, and the Floor Score, CE Certificates and SGS can be send  for your reference.


  • Can you do the unilin and Valinge click system for Vinyl Plank Flooring PVC Unilin Click Luxury Viny Floor SPC Flooring PVC Flooring? Do I need to pay the unilin / Valinge click patent fee?

    We have both the unilin and Valinge click system for your choice.

    If you are going to sell our Vinyl Plank Flooring PVC Unilin Click Luxury Viny Floor SPC Flooring PVC Flooring to American or European market, you must to pay the patent fee.

    If your market is the other countries or buy for project, it is no need for you to pay this fee.


  • What's your MOQ? How many color I can choose?

    The MOQ is one 20' container with 4 colors from the E- catalog.

    If you quantity is less than one container, you can also choose 500sqm per color from our stock color or 1000sqm from the E-catalog.

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