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When I was asked: "As a flooring solution provider, what is your happiest thing?"
My answer is always: "When I see all kinds of floors we design and produce, they are sold to major building materials stores and shopping malls around the world, and paved to various occasions to bring value and satisfaction to customers all over the world. Happy time."
Because I love flooring, I have been in this vinyl floor industry for 16 years and have cooperated with more than 100 flooring brands and flooring distributors around the world. Now I am fully committed to helping these flooring brands and flooring distributors around the world to share the latest vinyl Floor information and marketing together, do market planning, help them make marketing plans, and bring different designs and styles most suitable for that country to customer satisfaction in the first time.
I enjoy my work. Whenever my client says to me: "Tony, it is a pleasure to work with you","Tony, you are really great" When "tony, you always make me easy", my heart is always very happy, especially when I see the floors I recommend to customers and help them sell to the local top 3 hot sellers. Perhaps, this is a sense of pride after being recognized by customers.
Along the way, my perseverance has allowed our company to obtain a lot of orders, and to gain more trust and praise. I am very grateful to my customers. They have given me the opportunity to grow. For example, Ashley Waltson from South Africa, we I have been cooperating for 13 years and have changed from a customer to a best friend. You are also the one who keeps me improving my learning ability.
"Let friends from all over the world feel the comfort and happiness that the floor brings to everyone in the process of their home decoration."

This is me, a simple person who loves work, life and floor, and a enthusiast and manufacturer who has been in the flooring industry for 16 years.
If you need any vinyl floor&spc floor information, if you, as a floor buyer, want to know the information about the floor production base in China, which is responsible for more than 70% of the world’s export share, I’m happy to help you give you more floor plans. You can Send me an email tony@czanyway.com .

  • 2021
    Up to now, we have a Hong Kong branch, Myanmar branch, Australia branch, South Africa branch, products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, there are two factories, can meet the needs of all requirements of the world.
  • 2013
    Continuing exponential growth
    To better access the global markets.Among other markets,
    ANYWAY FLOOR has a strong grip on the building material industry.
    Continuing exponential growth,opened up markets in South Africa,
    Austrial, South America, etc.
  • 2012
    ANYWAY FLOOR continues grow and begins to expand into other markets.
    From the initial supply of Laminate floor and vinyl floor according to customer requirements to find detailed product information, stocking the right products, and making our organization as efficient as possible to deliver a competitive cost product to our customers.
  • 2005
    Tony Xu Founds ANYWAY FLOOR in Oct, 2005 in the Changzhou city, Jiangsu China.

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