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How to Find the Best Vinyl Flooring Supplier in China?

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Vinyl flooring is currently a very popular product in the world. It is loved by consumers for its high quality and low price, easy installation, stable function, and long service life. Every year, the number of plastic flooring purchased from China has increased by more than 50%. , Even in 2020, when the virnus is severe, global purchases are still rising instead of falling. So as distributors and wholesalers and small and medium-sized sellers, how can we find the most desirable suppliers among thousands of suppliers from China to meet their purchasing needs?

Vinyl flooring is waterproof and comes in a variety of looks and styles, including wood and tile look likes. There are even scratch-resistant varieties, making vinyl a great flooring choice for heavy-traffic rooms. It has a long life use— up to 25 years, if properly cared for. Vinyl flooring can be purchased in a variety of forms, including: Sheet,Plank and Tile.

Because it’s waterproof and easy to clean, vinyl flooring is great for laundry rooms, kitchens, game rooms, living rooms and other areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Do you need underlay for vinyl flooring?

It depends on the current flooring you have. Most of the time it’s a good idea to have an underlayment installed beneath your vinyl flooring; this helps prevent moisture from gathering over time.also if have underlay for vinyl flooring ,it will make foot comfortable.

What thickness of vinyl flooring is best?

Vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of sizes, generally ranging from 1.5 to 8 mm. You should determine the thickness of your flooring based on how tall you want your floors to be and the amount of money you want to spend. In general, the thicker your vinyl floors are, the more expensive they’ll be.

How long does vinyl flooring last?

Vinyl flooring has a long life time and can last up to 25 years when properly cared for.

How to find the best floor supplier in china?

There are lots of resources online that you can find through Google. But before you begin, there are a few things you need to know and decide.

First, you should figure out what type of supplier you’re looking for. This will help determine the terminology you need to use in your research. We can help you get started. There are several supplier options, the most common being:

  • A manufacturer who produces your own floor product

  • A supplier (who may also be a manufacturer), wholesaler, or distributor who purchases already-existing brands and products

  • A dropshipper who supplies products and fulfills orders of already-existing brands and products

Finding a manufacturer for your product can be tricky but it’s necessary to bring your products to life. Follow these six steps to find the best manufacturers and suppliers for your business.

1. Research

2. Outreach and collect information

3. Communicate your designs

4. Order samples

5. Negotiate

6. Place your order


Finding the right manufacturer for your product is crucial to your success. Manufacturers control your product’s cost, quality, and packaging and shipping. Here’s how you can find the perfect ones.


Alibaba connects you with manufacturers from China. It’s a common marketplace to find existing products, but you can also use Alibaba to connect with manufacturers to create custom products. Simply search for the products you’re looking for and browse through the various suppliers and manufacturers. 


It’s easy to safely buy from Alibaba. The marketplace lets you vet manufacturers upfront to get the best products at a fair price. When researching manufacturers on Alibaba, make sure they have the following qualifications:

  • Gold supplier, which means they pay for their Alibaba membership.

  • Verified, which means a third-party company or Alibaba has visited their factory.

  • Trade assurance, a free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. 

You can continue to search by applying filters. You can sort by certifications (such as SA8000, which ensures humane working conditions) to find a manufacturer that aligns with your business values. 

Another thing to consider when sourcing from Alibaba: make sure your manufacturer is not a trading company. A trading company is a middleman and won’t be able to produce your products. 

Another point,as there are thousands of suppliers in alibaba,so we must find the capable, reliable manufacturer for our long time cooperation.there is some way to confirm:

1. It will mark how many years business experience in alibaba for each supplier, the long they exsist, the more reliable it was.  

business experience

2. Find the brand seller in the first page and big banner(for it costs more and proved their strength.)


brand seller

3. Check their turnover showed on the page.the more they have,the reliable they were.



4. Check how many stars they have, if four star up is better,it also proved their ability.

Also you can search in some other channels online ,like  Google:


So how do you find vinyl floor suppliers on Google? For possibly the first time ever, you’ll need to explore page two of Google search results and beyond. You’ll also want to use a variety of search terms. For example, words like “vinyl floor wholesale,” “vinyl floor wholesaler,” and “vinyl floor distributor”  “vinyl floor manufacturer “may be used interchangeably, so you should search for all of them. 

It may help to make yourself familiar with google search to improve the quality of your searches and, thus, your results.

FACEBOOK/LINKEDIN and some other social media.

Outreach and collection information

Once you’ve got a few vinyl floor manufacturers on your hand, you’ll want to get quotes. Aim to get a minimum of three quotes to compare options. 

Now, the biggest question you’ll likely have for a supplier is “How much will this cost?” But before you hastily send quote requests, you’ll want answers to the following questions: 

1. Can they make custom orders?  If you need your vinyl floor packed in  your LOGO, you need ask the vinyl floor manufacturer to confirm if can make your brand.

2. What are their leads times? How long will it take to produce and ship items? You don’t want to work with manufacturers who take three months to deliver your products.normally 25-35 days is quite suitable depends on your qty.

3. What are shipping costs? Shipping makes up a massive portion of your business expenses.as now shipping cost is very high, so we need to let them check what is shipping cost now .

4. What are their minimum order quantities for vinyl floor(MOQs)? Don’t lead with this question. It’ll make you look like a beginner and deter manufacturers from working with you. However, you’ll want to know the minimum amount of items you have to order before they start producing your product. This is highly negotiable. 

5. What is the cost per sqm for vinyl floor? While you’re negotiating MOQs, you’ll also want to negotiate cost per unit. The larger the order, the lower your cost per unit can be. 

6. Can they give you exclusivity? If there’s tooling involved (i.e., you buying a tool for them to manufacture your product), make sure they aren’t allowing others to use it. You can also ask for territorial, market, or total exclusivity. 

7. Are there any guarantee for vinyl floor using life? Sometimes manufacturers will give you detail time for guanantee

8. What’s their defect policy? Find out who eats the cost for incorrect or defective items. Who pays for the shipping and duties? 

Communicating with manufacturers and suppliers

You’ll have to communicate with suppliers on your own. There are three main ways to do this:

  • Email

  • Whatsapp

  • WeChat

Look for companies that are responsive and eager to work together. If someone is slow out the gate with your emails and samples, do you want to trust them with your business? Probably not.

Order samples

Before placing a full order for vinyl floor, get samples to test before going into productions. Once the vinyl floor sample is right, date and sign the sample. Save one or two for yourself. These are called your control samples and are any type of forensic sample used to assure quality and get consistent products. 


Between the time you get a vinyl floor sample and when you place your order, it’s still possible to negotiate terms such as payment or MOQ. When negotiating, put yourself in the manufacturer’s shoes. The goal isn’t to exploit your manufacturing partner to get the best price. It’s to work together so both parties profit and are happy. It’s the only way to build a long-term, healthy relationship. 

Place your order

Finally, you can place your vinyl floor order. 100% quality control check in the beginning is necessary.Now we can easy to find a third-party inspection for the buyer. Check every product they’ve sent you to make sure it meets your standards. And if you’re happy with everything, send your order and get the production process started!

Find your vinyl floor manufacturer partner

Finding reliable and trustable vinyl floor suppliers and manufacturers is a unique process, but it is one of the costs of starting a business. Trying to find the right supplier is a key decision for your new business, and they are not always easy to find.


It's easy to get frustrated when you encounter a dead end or a brick wall, but in most cases, it only takes a little more patience and perseverance to find the perfect partner for your new business.

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