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What is Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring?

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Loose lay vinyl flooring is a wonderful flooring system that you can install in larger and smaller rooms and traffic areas. The term loose lay is used for it because it is heavy enough that lay flat without requiring adhesives. The manufacturers of loose lay floors favor their floors to be sticky, therefore, they made them thick and heavy enough to have adhered and stable.

Stability is one of the essential qualities of a loose vinyl lay floor because it consists of fiberglass flees. The planks shift never happens even if you jump, run or fall on loose lay vinyl. You can install loose vinyl easily and simply.

Loose lay floors or vinyl tile is new plank flooring made to be more secure and stable as compared to the traditional tiles and vinyl planks. Loose lay vinyl flooring is the advanced form of vinyl flooring that is conventionally called ‘lino flooring’.

You can install loose lay floors easily

You can install this kind of floor in small rooms without adhesives even in small rooms easily as compare to other types of floors. The manufacture uses pure mass in loose lay floors which absorb footfall sound and resist the sound diffusion to the floor rooms below. 

Loose lay floors are waterproof so you can install them without worry about leaks, spillages, and wet-mopping. The manufacturers made the surface of loose lay floors of the textured wear layer of various thicknesses which means that it will not lose the color. 

Simple and easy to install, without staple and glue you can install it. To get a grip of the subfloor below, this sort of flooring uses friction. Literally, Installers just put them into position. Of course, it requires cutting for installation but cutting does not require any special and advanced skills for installation. Most of the installers love to put down and install loose lay floors. Also, because it is easy and simple to install, therefore, the process of installation will cost you less.

Is it possible to move loose lay flooring?

Yes, it is one of the great advantages of this kind of flooring that you can easily move from one place to another. This also means that in case you shift from one house to another you can take loose lay flooring with you to install it there and save money. Not every kind of flooring offers this benefit; once you buy them you can switch them from one room to another and to a new house as well without much effort. Only the size of the area matters, if the area is larger from the shifting area you will need extra planks of loose lay vinyl planks. 

Where you can install it in your home?

The quality of loose lay floors are it is water-resistance, so you can install it even in wet areas of your home such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and even in other places of your house.

Soft and comfortable 

Loose lay vinyl floors are soft and comfortable which is a rare benefit and advantage that most people do not keep in mind when selecting floors options. It will improve the comfort and soft factor of your living space. Your kids can play and lay on loose lay floors all around because of the thermal benefits of these floors. Your cooks will appreciate it too because instated of a hard, cold ceramic tiled floor they can stand for hours on a loose lay floor. If you want your home and room more comfortable and soft then the loose lay vinyl option is for you. 


You may have likely seen expansion and contraction of flooring mainly because of moisture but the loose vinyl floors are designed from materials that do not contract or expand. The loose lay vinyl flooring will remain the same and will look new for decades even in wet areas of your house.

Are you thinking about laying loose lay floors in sub-floors? 

Yes, you can lay it on any kind of subfloor of your house. Our professional installers will make sure your sub-floor of the house is solid, flat, and solid. If there are holes in the concrete floors it can be filled with a flood coat. 

Our experienced and expert team of Anyfloor can inspect your hose so no worry if your house's timber floor requires board underlayment or a flexible flood coat.

Loose lay floors are more durable

Loose lay flooring gives decades of services to homeowners. Most of them have warrantees for two decades, while others with thinner layers last shorter. The areas of your house exposed to sunlight may cause a change in the color of loose lay flooring, but covering the window can help you to avoid a change in color loss. Also, furniture protectors and cleaning will help you to maintain your floor look for decades.

Loose lay Vinyl flooring comes in different varieties and shapes

There are different varieties and shapes of loose lay vinyl flooring, if you do not like the one you can choose and purchase another one. Also, it comes in different colors and styles in which you can find your favorite one. That’s why you will enjoy buying vinyl flooring for your house. You will explore different options that vinyl flooring options provide to help you find exactly what you look for and purchase the best option that suits your choice.

Let’s take a look if loose lay flooring can be damaged or not?

Yes, not only loose lay flooring but all sort of floors can be damaged. But you no worries, it is strong enough to not easily damage. The materials used in loose flooring are able to stand up day-to-day activities. However, if you pull heavy things such as washing machines, tables, and bed, etc will cause marks on the surface of the loose floor. 

What if you damage your loose lay flooring? 

In case, if you damage the floor then you can easily and simply replace individual planks and it is one of the essential characteristics that differentiate loose flooring from lino flooring. You can the damage loose lay plank can replace a new plank. It is super easy to install. There is no need for staples, click-lock, or glue to install loose lay flooring. 

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