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How to distinguish between good and bad SPC flooring

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Today, I will take you to understand what is the difference between the price of stone plastic spc click floor on the market, and how do we choose affordable and high-quality spc click floor?


The spc click floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (divided into pure new materials, mixed materials, and recycled materials, which will be used below), calcium powder (different grades and stone powder grades) and solvents (chemical grades and vegetable solvents are used Food grade) After high temperature rolling and hot compressing color film, pvc wear-resistant layer, after cooling treatment, through uv process (determining floor anti-fouling performance and solar ultraviolet radiation non-discoloring performance), and finally floor cutting and grooving process (partly determining floor lock Buckle strength, load-bearing tensile force), and finally packed in a box (whether there is any damage during transportation).


Seven steps to identify the pros and cons of spc lock flooring

1) Look at the color: mainly look at the color of the "spc substrate", the pure material is beige, the mixed material is dark gray, cyan, and the recycled material is black. Among them, the cost can be divided into many levels.


2) Touching feel: The spc base material has a delicate touch and a moisturizing feel. Recycled materials and mixtures have a dry hand and no moisture. Whether the smoothness and fit of the two pieces are good after splicing.


3) Smell smell: This is because there are a few very bad ones to have a little smell. Most of the recycled materials and mixtures can still be free of peculiar smell.


4) Light (transmittance): The mobile phone flashlight is irradiated against the floor, with good light transmission, and the admixture and recycled materials are opaque. Or the light transmittance is very poor.


5) Measuring thickness: If possible, it is best to use a caliper or a micrometer to measure the floor thickness. The actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness, which is the normal range. For example, if a regular manufacturer marked 4.0 thickness according to the production standard, use a caliper or micrometer. The measurement should be around 4.2, because plus the thickness of the wear-resistant layer and the uv layer, if the actual measurement is 4.0, what you actually buy is 3.7-3.8 thickness, which is commonly known as cutting corners. Other links that we can't see can be imagined to what extent this manufacturer can do it.


6) Break the click: On the female buckle at the edge of the floor (that is, the part where the lock leaks a lot), press the lock firmly. If the quality is poor, the force is not too large and it will be broken. The strength of the pure new material will be much greater. Easy to break.


7) Tear: This is not easy to operate. It is necessary to collect several samples from several merchants, break and comb the corners, break and tear the color film layer and the spc substrate, and look at the bond between the color film layer and the substrate. Strength, this determines whether it is easy to peel in the next few years. The bonding strength of pure new material is the largest, followed by others. It doesn't matter if it can't be operated. Basically, the indicator of high-quality merchant products through the appeal process will not be bad.


At the same time, during the production process, the spc floor will still have some quality problems. As shown in the figure below, this requires the factory's quality inspection to be very strong. Once these problems are found, they must be strictly selected from them and cannot be placed in the packaging.


As a factory with 16 years of production experience, we have always adhered to the concept of quality first, using 100% virgin materials to provide customers with stable and reliable products to help them gain market and profit. If you have any ideas, welcome to communicate with us ! Also welcome to spread this article to help more users !

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