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SPC versus WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Decorating and renovating your home has never been an easy and free activity. There are three to four letters terms like CFL, GFCI, and VOC that homeowners should know in order to make smart and sound decisions during the process of renovation. Similarly, choosing flooring from your home is no different than the terms mentioned above. Thanks to today’s new technology and skillful engineers that have made it possible to create new luxury vinyl flooring options, it is difficult to go wrong. However, we believe it is crucial for you to know exactly the best and right material for your home. Therefore, in this piece of writing, we give you the information that you need to know to become familiar with SPC and WPS luxury vinyl flooring to choose the best flooring for your home. We clarify and cover almost every aspect of SPC and WPS flooring as well as compare them with each other.


Are you looking for installing durable vinyl plank flooring, water-resistant or rigid core flooring? Well, then you need to know the differences between the SPC and SPC construction terms before you begin to choose design and color selection.

What is Rigid Core flooring?

It is the modern vinyl flooring for demanding consumers. You can get rigid core flooring in both tile and plank shapes. The material used in rigid core flooring can stand up water resistance. To better understand rigid core you need to go beyond the Vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a thin and flexible material that requires glue installation methodology. Other the other hand, rigid core flooring is sturdier, stiffer, and thicker, which gives it some distinctive advantages. One of the most important of its advantage is its ability to resist water but that’s not the only advantage of rigid core. It has the ability to absorb sound, handle subfloor imperfections and offer excellent comfort underfoot. 

Here we go to examine the technical terminology; the positive qualities of luxury vinyl plank flooring depends whether you go with a SPC or WPC construction. 

The construction of SPC and WPC

Luxury vinyl plank flooring -similarly like engineered hardwood- is constructed from multiple layers and materials. It is typically constructed from four layers which vary between manufacturers. Let’s examine the multiple layers beginning with the surface. The first layer is the wear layer which is durable, clear, and scratch-resistant.  The second layer is the vinyl layer, made from multiple, compressed layers of vinyl. This layer supports the genuine embossing technology applied to the printed decorative film that lies between this vinyl layer and wear layer. A rigid core is the third layer composed of either solid polymer core (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC). The base layer is the fourth layer which is the bottom of the tile or plank and typically made from cork or foam. Also, many SPC and WPC options feature an attached pad that offers sound absorption and provides underfloor heating systems. 

WPC Flooring:

W stands for Wood, P stands for Plastic, and C for composite or wood plastic composite flooring. It is vinyl tile flooring that has a rigid core constructed from either recycled wood pulp or plastic or polymer composites that are expanding with air. Sometimes it is known as wood polymer composites that are expanded with air. WPC has low density, lightweight construction which is soft and warm underfoot with greater comfort. 


SPC flooring:

There are various interpretations of what SPC stands for: S stands for solid or stone P stands for plastic or polymer, and C stands for composite or core. But ultimately, it is very similar to a vinyl component. It consists of a key ingredient of calcium carbonate on the inner core which is limestone. It is very dense and solid because of the minimal air component which makes the product very rigid. 

This rigidity is essential because you can mill in your joint structures. You can click and install SPC flooring similarly to a laminate floor. It can bridge slight undulations in the substrate so you don’t behave to be as pedantic as you would with vinyl and traditional vinyl products. 

SPC flooring is a bit expensive and because it’s so dense the sound and the feel of the product can be a little bit hard on the ear and on the foot. Generally, all products of SPC come with a built-in underlay. There are various options available from cork, IXPE, or various rubber components, however, it is a lovely product. In cleaning and maintenance, all of the mentioned products are much the same. 

The SPC flooring is rigid which is why having much more resistant to heat and temperature, therefore, is very suitable for the area with high temperature. It can be installed easily and quickly, and you don’t have to worry about the sun bearing down on the product. 

The differences between SPC and WPC flooring 

Both SPC and WPC flooring are incredibly durable to wear caused by high traffic. Both are water-resistant. The crucial difference between SPC and WPC flooring lay in the density of the rigid core layer. Wood is less dense than stone, and the stone sounds more confusing than it really is. As a buyer, you need to know the difference between rock and tree.  The tree has more give and the rock can handle a heavy impact. 

WPC is composed of a rigid core layer that is lighter and thicker than the SPC core. WPC feels softer underfoot, which can stand for long periods and makes it comfortable. The thickness of WPC offers a warmer feel and it is best in absorbing sound. 

SPC is composed of a rigid core layer too which is dense, thinner, and more compact than WPC. The compactness of SPC makes it less likely to contract and expand during severe temperature swings, which can improve the longevity and stability of your flooring. Also, it is durable when it comes to impact. 

Which one to choose for your home: WPC or SPC?

It totally depends on where you want to install your new flooring because the correct construction makes a big difference. Below we explore some situations for you to make a sound decision and choose one type over the other. 

If you want to make living space on a second level especially in an unheated area like the basement then choose WPC flooring, because WPC is good for insulating your rooms. 

If you are building a gym at home then choose SPC. Because SPC flooring absorbs sound and scratch resistance so you would not have to worry about dropping weights. SPC is also good for home areas that are cooled such as three-season rooms. They are good for wet areas such as the washroom and laundry room.

If you are building where you will be standing for a long time such as workplace then WPC is a better option and more comfortable. If you are worried about scratches and dropping tools that create dents then SPC is so good for you to give you peace of mind. 

If you are renovating your hose then WPC will facilitate you to keep spillage from floor to floor to a minimum. Also, there are many options with an attached pad for added sound absorption. 

Applications of SPC and WPC flooring

WPC contains foaming which makes it comfortable as compared to SPC flooring. This advantage makes it the ideal flooring for workplaces and rooms where people constantly stand. As compared to SPC flooring, WPC offers better sound absorption quality which makes it ideal for classrooms and office space. Both of these types flooring was originally designed for commercial areas because of their durability but homeowners have realized their benefits such as easy installation and rigid core. Also, both types of flooring bring homeowners different options and designs to suit different tastes. Both WPC and SPC flooring does not need a lot of subfloor preparation for installation. However, a flat surface is the best place for installing them. The rigid core option can hide the divots and cracks of the imperfect floors because of its core composition. 

Things to keep in mind about waterproof flooring

You will come across many waterproof flooring options when you look for luxury vinyl options. However, SPC and WPS flooring are waterproof but you will still need proper care and maintain such flooring to get the most out of them. The term waterproof or water-resistance means that these kinds of flooring hold up well to spills and splashes. No matter what the floor is made up, if you let water pool or collect on the floor it will cause permanent damage. The best method is to always clean water and fix structural problems that cause leaks. The typical spills and moisture are not an issue for these floors if you follow up proper cleaning within a reasonable period. Understanding the world of WPC and SPC luxury vinyl options does not have to be complex. Our Anyfloor retailer will be pleased to show you samples so you can choose the best design and color options according to your style and budget.  

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