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SPC Floor Installation Instuctions and Precautions

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1. Flatness: The paving of SPC floor requires a higher level of flatness of the sub floor. Often the flatness of the sub floor directly determines whether the SPC floor can be used. Therefore, when deciding to use the SPC floor, the original ground must be leveling (terrazzo, ceramic tiles, floor paint, etc. can be laid directly), Sub floor should be flat within a tolerance of 3mm per 2 meter , otherwise, self-leveling cement should be used for leveling.


2. Indoor temperature: SPC floor is suitable for indoor environment, not suitable for outdoor environment where exposed to sunlight and driving. After the floor arrives at the site, it should be left unpacked for 24-48 hours to acclimate to let the thermal expansion and contraction rate of the floor same as the new environment. The room temperature should be controlled between 18-29 degrees Celsius to avoid sun exposure before installation.



3. Underlayment : It is recommended to use 1.0mm underlayment, and it is forbidden to use underlayment over 2.0mm. Especially for SPC floors with a thickness of 3.5MM-4MM,if the sub floor uneven, underlayment too thick, which can easily cause the click to break and trip.

 spc floor installation

4. Installation: Install the short side first and then the long side when the thickness is below 4.0MM, and install the long side first and then the short side when installing the SPC floor with thickness above 4.0MM. Allow a minimum 8-10MM gap between SPC floor and wall for spc floor expansion. If the room is particularly long and wide, the gap should be widened accordingly or T-molding should be used as partitions if the length or width greater than 10 meter. Insufficient reserved gap can easily cause floor arching and tile-like deformation. The SPC floor should be staggered, and the short end joints between the floors should be staggered more than 300mm, so that the floor will be more stable, beautiful and durable.


5. Cutting: SPC floor with thickness below 4.0mm can be directly used with a paper cutter. SPC floor with thickness above 4.0mm is recommended to use a dust-free saw .


6. Maintenance: SPC floor does not need special maintenance, regular cleaning is enough. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Do not roll or drag heavy objects across your floor. Do not polish or wax or steam clean the floor.

spc flooring



7. Since such SPC floor itself is a waterproof floor, there is no need to do waterproof processing. Refer to the video issued.

spc flooring

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