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What exactly is MFB Flooring?

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If you have been looking into waterproof, anti-scratch and fire resistant flooring then MFB flooring brand is for you. But what is MFB flooring, exactly? And is it worth buying for your home?

As it turns out, this brand is actually new flooring. That is why in this article, we are covering everything you need to know about MFB flooring—so you can decide if it is the right product for you! So: is MFB flooring right for you? Find out below!

01      What is MFB Flooring?
02      MFB Flooring Structure
03      What is MFB Flooring Made of?
04      Features of MFB Flooring
05      How Do You Install MFB flooring?
06      The Advantages of MFB Flooring
07      MFB Flooring FAQs

What is MFB Flooring?

MFB floor is a new flooring recently introduced in the market. The MFB stands for ‘Mineral Fiber Board’ flooring. Its EIR surface gives you an amazing look and feelings of real wood. Fiberglass has been used in its manufacturing and as compare to laminate and SPC flooring MFB flooring is more durable. For the most part, MFB flooring offerings are affordable, durable, and well-reviewed.

MFB Flooring Structure

There are 4 layers in MFB flooring structure;

• Melamine Paper (Surface)

• Decoration Film

• Mineral Fiber

• IXPE optional

MFB Flooring Structure

What is MFB Flooring Made of?

What is MFB flooring? You may know this already, but we need to cover the basics first (since MFB is not exactly your run-of-the-mill laminate floor). So: in general, MFB is thought of as a composite substitute for different types of wood flooring. Its base layer is made of high-density mineral fiberboard, while melamine paper and Decorative Film photo-realistic design layer allows it to mimic virtually any hardwood species (or other material, for that matter). Both layers are shielded by a protective wear layer, and the finished product is designed to be indistinguishable from prefinished hardwood flooring.

Features of MFB Flooring

MFB Flooring is Water Resistant

MFB flooring is water-resistant, yet it offers hours standing water warranty. For context: that is way better than most policies offered by supposedly waterproof laminate flooring brands. MFB Performance, on the other hand, is said to be completely waterproof. The warranty only mentions that installers need to make sure the floor is installed correctly for the waterproofing to work. Now, that doesn’t mean you can use MFB flooring to line a shower, but it should definitely hold up against casual spills or rooms where you can expect a bit of wet here and there (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)

What Makes MFB Flooring Waterproof?

MFB flooring features a melamine coating on the sides and bottom of every plank. Melamine is a type of plastic, and it protects the vulnerable fiberboard base layer (which can swell and warp if it gets wet). Plank backs also receive special coatings to protect them against moisture creeping up from the subfloor. The top layer of MFB also features an AC5-rated aluminum oxide coating to protect it from water and scratches—which again, is rated to prevent damage from standing water. MFB flooring Performance laminate, on the other hand, adds a “sound reducing anti-microbial pre-attached underlayment.”  So: they must use something else to guarantee the 20-year commercial warranty (5 years longer than standard) but they don’t exactly spell it out. Normally, we would be a little worried about this, but everything we have seen in Aqua flooring reviews suggests the claims hold up.

What Makes MFB Flooring Waterproof

What other Special Features MFB Flooring has?

Here are the features that sets MFB flooring apart from others:

MFB Has an good Rating

Good ratings are pretty rare, and they are virtually non-existent at this price range. Why does an good rating matter so much? Well, its durability allows it to compete with the most durable wood flooring and even the best vinyl flooring (we’re thinking high-quality rigid core luxury vinyl flooring here) in terms of resilience. Simply put, MFB flooring is strong stuff and it definitely belongs up there with the other best laminate flooring brands. Not to belabor the point, but laminate with good rating has supreme scratch resistance. Even the best wood flooring for dogs can’t really compete.

How Do You Install MFB flooring?

MFB flooring is meant to be installed in a click-lock floating style. That is, you snap planks of laminate together via interlocking grooves over the subflooring (or an underlayment). The company’s horribly named “easy no-glue angle tap tight lock installation system” works like this: you position one plank at an upward angle so that it falls into the groove of an adjacent plank, let it rest above the subfloor, and then tap it into place.  You can also glue planks into position the same way you might glue down vinyl plank flooring, but the planks are meant to snap together for a reason—it creates a seamless surface to keep water out.

The Advantages of MFB Flooring

If you have not picked up on this yet, there is a lot to like about MFB. After scouring MFB flooring reviews and warranty policies, we have determined that these are the floor’s best features:

MFB Floors Water Resistance is very Good

Seriously, MFB flooring isnot only water-resistant, but also MFB flooring is waterproof. And of course, MFB flooring is actually marketed as completely waterproof.  Naturally, either option can be used as mudroom flooring.  Does this really matter, though? Absolutely: waterproof flooring is highly coveted because it’s so practical. That is why so many people debating between tile vs. laminate go with tile—it is entirely waterproof. Plus, special types of tile (we are thinking snap-together tile flooring) can be almost as easy to install.  Look—at some point, someone (or a pet) is going to spill something on the floor. If it’s waterproof, the spill basically becomes a non-issue. Translation: waterproofing (or very good water resistance) offers peace of mind.

MFB Floors Water Resistance is very Good

MFB Flooring Has an AC5 Rating

We have said it before and we are saying it again (because it’s such a big deal): both lines of MFB laminate have an AC5 rating, meaning they are incredibly resistant to scratches.

MFB Flooring Reviews Say the Scratch and Resistance Is Great

On that note, if you are looking for dent and scratch-resistant flooring: this is it. It’s still a good idea to take care of your MFB flooring (if only to extend its lifespan), but it should handle plenty of abuse.

MFB Flooring Has a Solid Warranty 

It is fair to say that MFB flooring have good warranties. The only caveat is that MFB flooring reviews are adamant about making sure it is installed properly for the warranty to take hold.

There is a Good Range of Styles Available 

You have a lot of MFB flooring options to choose from. From ash flooring to pine flooring (and even exotic options like dark umber), Aqua offers a lot of looks. It is a great way to experience the look of expensive woods like teak (the pros and cons of teak flooring include a hefty price tag but a beautiful grain and hue) without the cost. There are also plenty of mixed and wide-plank wood flooring looks available, and even a few styles that mimic popular wood floor patterns like herringbone.

MFB Flooring FAQs

We are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel! Let’s just cover a few more things before we wrap up.

Is MFB Flooring Waterproof or Water Resistant? Does it Matter?

Both! MFB Flooring is technically water-resistant and waterproof. But unless you are planning on dumping gallons of water on your floor (why?), the question doesn’t really matter. It has both options should be fine to install if you want a wood floor bathroom or kitchen look. Just make sure to dry any spills within a reasonable amount of time if you opt for the standard line.  Again: each can last in standing water. And if you just absolutely need the best in waterproof flooring with a wood look, consider wood-look tile or waterproof vinyl flooring like Proximity Mills instead.

Does MFB Flooring Required an Underlayment?

Yes. This completes MFB flooring’s water resistance or waterproofing by sealing out moisture that can rise up from subflooring (and what is subflooring?) Bonus: you can get super-cool, high-tech magnetic underlayment’s that turn your floors into magnetic flooring (that also seal out moisture) if your heart so desires.

Can I Install MFB Flooring on Walls?

Technically speaking, it’s possible to install MFB Flooring on a wall. You will probably have to use adhesive or nails, and it is important to note that the MFB flooring is not really designed for this.

MFB Flooring (1)

Can it be Steam Mopped?

Floor & Decor notes that residential steam mops can be used on MFB Flooring.

Do I Need Transitions for MFB Flooring?

Aqua can be installed in a 4,300sq. ft. area before transition pieces are needed.

Can MFB Flooring Be Installed in High Traffic Areas?

One of the disadvantages of floating floors is that high traffic can wear them down pretty quickly. However, MFB seems to be made with this in mind and should handle high traffic environments well.

Does MFB Flooring Emit VOCs?

MFB flooring has a Green Gold certification, which means it meets the requirements to be considered low-VOC flooring. As a result, MFB is one of the more environmentally-friendly flooring choices out there. However, it is important to note that even non-toxic laminate flooring like Aqua isn’t the most eco-friendly flooring choice available. If green floors are really important to you, hemp flooring or sustainable wood flooring may be better options than laminate.

Can It Be Installed Outside?

MFB flooring is not an outdoor flooring option. However, you can use it for sunroom flooring provided that the room is temperature- and humidity-controlled.

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